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Emmet Kane

2017, what a great year! And its only July!
A few weeks ago, I was in the studio when a big delivery truck blew its air horn to announce its arrival. A few minutes later, a big forklift delivered our club’s new Economic Grant Opportunity AAW Nova Lathe. The club, its members and officers have work very hard to get to where we are today. Seeing the lathe on the driveway has made all these past 17 months work worthwhile. We have a committee and we are working on a plan so things go smoothly. In August 25th, we have been invited to Maui’s biggest mall, Queen Kaahumanu Center, in beautiful downtown Kahului. We are grateful for this opportunity were local Non Profits 501-C3 can introduce themselves to the community. of course we will be doing turning demonstrations. I will be turning spin tops for the kids, and giving them away. Sam Stephens will be showing how to turn and assemble pepper grinders. We have a sign up sheet, contact me for more info. Club members are encourage to donate 2 pieces to sell at the mall. A member that donates to the club will then be allow to sell his artwork, and give the club 25 percent back.
I'm writing this on July 8th, on my way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I will be taking a week long class with Master Irish woodturner Emmet Kane. The class is at one of the best and most famous Art Schools in the nation: Arrowmont. Its a special place for us who have taken woodturning as a lifelong profession. Its the birthplace of the American Association of Woodturners. Its truly an honor, I was chosen by the AAW as one of the recipients for Economic Grant Opportunity individual scholarship award, chosen between hundreds of entries. I’m thankful for this life changing opportunity. It has the potential to send my career to a whole new level.
In June we had the opportunity to learn from one of the masters of woodturning, Guilio Marcolongo. He stayed with me, had a great time and learned a lot.
I’m finishing writing this up on my way back home, Saturday July 15th. Arrowmont was one of the great experiences of my life. Everything exceeded my expectations. Emmet Kane was a great teacher. He is a great artist, an incredibly talented woodturner, and I now can add friend and mentor. The group taking the class was also great. We had a lot of fun. We had several beginners. By the end of the week they had all made their first turnings!
There is definitely going to be a before and after Arrowmont. I have a new vision, a new perspective on my work. I will be staying with my basic roots but also experimenting with new techniques, different textures, woods and designs. I will be forever grateful to the AAW for the scholarship. Cant wait to get back home and get into the studio!! Safe turning! Aloha


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