KEA Woodturning Studio - Art made in Maui, Hawaii - Inspired by Nature

My studio is located near the town of Makawao, in the heart of Upcountry Maui, The Valley Isle.
The windfall Koa wood that I use comes from the slopes of the extinct volcano Haleakala, “The House of the Sun”
I create one of a kind ,native Hawaiian woods, mainly Koa, Milo and Kou. Wood lathe art gifts. Koa Calabashes, bowls, lidded hand chased threaded boxes and hollow forms, and any custom orders.
Due to the natural drying process that I use, most of my pieces take several months to dry. Working closely with customers is a lot of fun, call me to talk about designing your “family heirloom” custom piece.
I sign all my pieces with a wood burning engraver with KEA, Katie & Emiliano Achaval. Katie is my wife, my biggest supporter and critic, my work is a group effort, I would not be here writing this if it wasn’t for her.
Natural edge Milo Bowl
Natural edge Maui Milo bowl. Honu (turtle) patch on the pith.
Puahala clabash
Kou Puahala Calabash. Lots of pewa patches. This calabash was featured in issue 309 of Woodturning UK magazine.
Call me or email me so together we can design that special gift that you are looking for. When you buy direct from the artist, a budget can be discussed. . I can guarantee you can afford a beautiful piece of Koa or any of the other native hawaiian woods that use, such as: Kou and Milo. Aloha!

It's a great honor and a privilege to be able to announce that I'm now a contribuiting writer for the best Woodturning magazine in the world, Woodturning UK. Published in the United Kingdom, and distribuited in 60 countries around the world!! I have been commisioned to do a few articles, I'm working hard writing them. More are coming! One of my heroes wrote for woodturning UK for over 20 years, the great Bill Jones. I always looked up to Bill as a master turner, now he will also inspire me in my writings. A big new chapter has started in my turning career. I made cover of issue 307, the picture was taken by my son, Nic.

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Issue 307 of Woodturning UK magazine. That's me on the cover… Inspired…
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Made the cover again with my Poi Pounder article!
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Without a doubt the best tools in the market. They make my job easier and they can help the hobbyst turner improve. Give Doug Thompson a call to order your set.
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Best carbide tools in the world. They are now mainstream and used by some of the best woodturners in the world. I use them on the inside of my boxes and the transition curve of my calabashes. Also, Small to medium hollow forms. Get yours at:

I had a great time at Arrowmont school of arts & craft! Truly, a life changing experience. I spent a week with Master Irish artist woodturner Emmet Kane. There is some new work coming out my studio soon!! Click below for some Arrowmont experience pictures!

  •  Master Irish woodturner Emmet Kane

    Master Irish woodturner Emmet Kane

  •  Turning on Vicamarc VL 300 @ Arrowmont

    Turning on Vicamarc VL 300 @ Arrowmont

  •  Where dreams come true, Arrowmont.

    Where dreams come true, Arrowmont.

  •  Arrowmont collaboration piece with Emmet Kane & other artists.

    Arrowmont collaboration piece with Emmet Kane & other artists.

  •  Arrowmont creation, Koa with 23 carat gold

    Arrowmont creation, Koa with 23 carat gold

  •  Emmet Kane inspired design @Arrowmont

    Emmet Kane inspired design @Arrowmont

Woodturners Association
I’m a member of the American Association of woodturners, and current president of The Maui Woodturners Association, a chapter club of the AAW
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The 8th Woodturning Honolulu Symposium on March 10 & 11 2018 was a lot of fun! I did my hand chased threads demo. Thank you guys for the hospitality!
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I got to meet lots of talented turners, nothing more fun than hanging out with a great group of people that shares your passion.

Wailoa Arts Center, Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii. Woodturning Exhibition and Demo.

On Saturday March 4th 2017, I was invited by the Big Island Woodturners to do a Demo at the Wailoa Arts Center 19th Annual Woodturning exhibition. I demoed how to do boxes with hand chased threads. Thank you to John Mydock, Vice-president of the club for the hospitality!! I had a great time and the demo was a great success. Click below to see some pictures of that super fun day!
  •  A nice crowd came to see my demo!

    A nice crowd came to see my demo!

  •  The thrill of chasing threads

    The thrill of chasing threads

  •  Making shavings...

    Making shavings...

  •  Showing off my trusty point tool

    Showing off my trusty point tool

  •  The Wailoa Arts Center in Hilo

    The Wailoa Arts Center in Hilo

  •  Success! Good fit, and aligned grain.

    Success! Good fit, and aligned grain.

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On July 2018, I had the amazing opportunity of hosting the world's most famous woodturning teacher: Stuart Petter Batty. We spent a week in my studio. A life changing experience. I'm now fully committed to the 40/40 grind. All my Thompson Gouges are now hand sharpened.
World class famous woodturner and all around great guy, Mike Mahoney, stopped by my studio to say hello!! And of course, he gave me a lesson on the Mahoney grind! Thank you you Mike and Jenny for the visit!!
Turning at the mall
On August 25th 2017 I went with the Maui Woodturners Association to the Island's largest mall. That's me turning with the club's AAW EOG grant lathe. We turned a lot of spin tops for the kids!! Click on the image to see a larger version.