A New Year! 2017!


I'm always looking for something new. Something that will challenge me. Something that will make you go to the shop with a smile in your face. As a Christmas present to myself , I ordered a set of 16TPI hand held thread chasers. I'm having a blast trying them, practicing with them. I already made a few boxes. So far it looks like Lychee is the best wood for it. I tried Ohia, but its not dense or tight grain enough. It sure is heavy! Next I will experiment with Koa. If Koa is too soft, I will try Koa'ia. Koa'ia is super desde, heavy and tighter grain than his cousin the Koa.
2016 was a great year. I moved my shop to a better and bigger location. My new and and improved web site is up and running and attracting a lot of hits from all over the world. The Maui Woodturners Association proved to be the best for my learning and growing. I have met some incredible people, made some long life friends. 2017 will be EPIC. People always say, I hope the new year is going to be good. For me , I know its going to be!! I know because I make my own way, my own choices, and therefore, I choose to make the best out of every day. Every day is a journey, full of discoveries and options. Everytime I put something on the lathe, I know that something beautiful will come out of it. Don't sit and hope and wait that the new year will be good to you. Grab 2017 by the horns and make it go wherever you want it! Remember, the best is yet to come. I hope you make your new year epic, like I will. Aloha from Maui.

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